Top Social Media Trends for 2022

Top Social Media Trends

It’s time to take a look at your 2022 social media campaigns and see what changes could be made. What’s new for 2022? In general, the latest trends in digital marketing always include social media networks. And experts who fine-tune their strategies according to these trends implement innovative practices to find lucrative opportunities.

The story won’t be different in 2022, and social media managers are continuing to drive new ideas and techniques into the industry which are catching on like wildfire. Here are the top social media trends you need to look out for this year.

1. Live Video Content Still Rising Up

Live video uploads are in high demand across social media. Live streaming on Facebook is receiving six times more engagement (the highest number of shares, likes, and comments) than other videos.

At the end of 2017, this prompted 75% of marketers to incorporate live videos into their social media strategies. Now, it’s seen as a necessity in the social media community, especially when it comes to special corporate events.

2. Increasing Use of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber have 4 billion active users worldwide. It has led to the broad adoption by brands, who are using messaging apps to connect to their audience at a much more personal level.

Companies are using messaging apps for customer interaction. Automated, programmable chats and 24-hour open customer support teams are giving brands higher accessibility than ever before. It has led marketers to use subtle promotional tactics, like providing suggestions on products during tech support chats.

In contrast, it has also led to the development of direct, one-on-one promotion. Community managers are creating ads for highly specific target groups sent via messaging apps. So now, they hand-select the most promising leads, create ads designed to fit users, and promote it on chats. It has given an unprecedented level of personalization to their efforts but also concerns over privacy.

3. Higher Privacy Means Higher Personalization

In recent times, all major players in the social media arena have faced congressional hearings about data protection and collection, user privacy and security. For example, this led the EU to pass the GDPR regulations, while Google made it more difficult for YouTube video Creators to monetize their work.

The increasing pressure to make social media platforms more secure is making it more complicated for brands to gain visibility with their social media presence. However, in 2021, marketers found that a successful way to deal with this is to create higher quality content for pinpoint audiences. So, essentially inbound marketing is making its way to social media full time.

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