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Exceedion is your results-driven Indianapolis web design, WordPress, and digital marketing company. You get a trusted partner that has been delivering Indianapolis web design, WordPress and digital marketing client success stories since 2004. As your Indianapolis web design and digital marketing partner, we deliver professional marketing websites that grow your business. Our web design and marketing solutions improve your search position so your targeted audience can easily find you, increase your website visits, and generate more leads that can be nurtured into customers – resulting in business growth. Read more about how our Indianapolis web design, WordPress, and digital marketing services grow your business or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Indianapolis Web Design Company

Indianapolis Web Design

Your business deserves an awesome website that delivers results. That’s what we do! Our highly skilled project managers and web designers work closely with your team to custom design your fully mobile-responsive marketing website. Your website is custom built for your unique target audience focusing on clean modern design and lead generating calls to action to grow your business.

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WordPress Website Design

Your business needs a mobile-responsive, modern, SEO friendly website that attracts your unique target audience, establishes your brand as the industry expert, and generates quality leads that can be nurtured into customers. That’s what we do! Additionally, we deliver a best-in-class content management system allowing your business to easily manage your content in-house.

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Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing

Professional digital marketing to get your business found and increase your revenue. Our Indianapolis digital marketing experts work closely with your team to deliver your marketing strategy. Our services include marketing audits and strategy, SEO, inbound marketing, analytics and reporting, email marketing, content creation, and social media scaled to fit your needs and budget.

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Indianapolis Web Design, WordPress, and Digital Marketing Clients

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Marketing Blog

  • Email Marketing 101 for Indiana Small Business Owners

Email Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

Email Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners


Email Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners

Small business owners have already spent a considerable amount of money to get their business started. Because of this, they want to be smart about how they allocate their remaining resources. And one of the biggest challenges for small business owners when they are just starting out is how to do marketing and sales in the most cost-effective way.

While there are plenty of strategies that are trending in marketing and sales in the form of social media marketing and SEO, email marketing is still proving to be an excellent channel to get conversions for your small business. Through email marketing, you’ll have a direct line to your customers. It is an effective way to share your message, build a relationship with your customers, and sell your services.

We’ve outlined some tips for you to get started on email marketing for your small business:

Building Your Email List

The first phase of your email marketing strategy is to build your email list.

Your email list is comprised of the people who have essentially given you permission to market to them. You can email them with new offers or upcoming events. Those on your email list are the ones most loyal to your brand and they will be quite happy to receive emails from you.

Place an email sign-up box somewhere clear and conspicuous on your site. Keep this in mind when you discuss web design with the service building your website.

Incorporate email sign-up on into your forms and provide an incentive for registering. Another great way to grow your email list is by word-of-mouth marketing which incorporates email sign-up that allow visitors to forward wish lists, services, products, and other information to their friends.

One of the most effective channels to collect email addresses is at the point-of-sale. If you have a retail store, train your associates to ask customers for their email addresses as part of the checkout process. Do let your customers know about the email frequency and content involved in being part of your mailing list.

Email Marketing Platforms

Having an email marketing platform will complement your efforts and will be the most efficient way for you to communicate with your email list. There are plenty of email marketing platform options to choose from.

When deciding on the right email service provider for your business, there are many tools that you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy that will give you the capability to send as many emails as you want on behalf of your business. Here the reasons why you could benefit from them:

Mobile Responsive Design

According to the Litmus “State of Email” March 2017 report, more email is read on mobile than on desktop email clients. Stats say 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device. Using responsive email templates that adapt to the user’s screen size will ensure that your readers are seeing exactly what you want them to see thus providing the best user experience.

Measuring Bounce Rate

Not only does an email marketing service help you manage your email list by cleaning out old and invalid emails but it should also provide you with the analytics that measures the success of your email marketing campaigns. An important metric to monitor is your email bounce rate.

Planning your strategy and email campaigns are the next step in your email marketing efforts. And if you need help with that, Exceedion is an Indianapolis web design company that specializes in helping their small business clients achieve their business goals. They become an extension of your marketing team to deliver the strategy to meet your business goals and grow your business.

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  • Search Engine Optimization 101 for Indianapolis Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Indianapolis Small Businesses


Search Engine Optimization 101 for Small Businesses

Are you new to search engine optimization or better known as SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that it will appear more prominently on Google and other search engines.

It refers to the process of growing visibility in organic or non-paid search engine results. The goal to be achieved through SEO is to increase awareness, drive traffic, and improve rankings in search engines.

Organic search results are the web page listings that closely match the user’s search query based on relevance. They’re often referred to as “natural” search results. Organic search generates roughly two-thirds of all Internet traffic, and ranking high in the organic results is what SEO aims to do.

SEO is important for small businesses because it is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Your goal as a small business owner is to get as much attention to your brand and your website. And because small business owners have limited resources, a foundational understanding of SEO is crucial to your success.

Does My Site Need SEO?

Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are where the majority of web traffic is driven. Other channels such as social media can also drive traffic to your website, but search engines are still the primary method used for making queries and navigating the Internet.

Because the majority of users rely on search engines to point them in the right direction when they perform their searches, you’ll want to position your site so that it can be found by search engines. Without SEO, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

When you focus on your SEO efforts, expect a high ROI compared to other types of marketing and promotion. Indeed, search engines are smart, but they do have their limitations. The right SEO, on the other hand, can help how search engines operate and through it, you can drive countless visitors to your site.

Because search engines are most focused on providing users with the most relevant content possible based on their searches, your site should be full of content that is interesting, current, and related to your target audience’s queries.

There are several factors that influence how high your site will rank. Here are some of the primary ones:

  • How old is your site? The older your website it, the better.
  • How many people have liked and shared your page on social media?
  • How many relevant and trustworthy sites link to yours?
  • How fast do your pages load? The faster, the better.
  • How reliable is your site?
  • Keywords in text and places like URL and headers
  • Length and quality of text

SEO can be incredibly confusing particularly for small business owners who are unfamiliar with it. But however complex, increasing your business’s visibility is a priority. And there are specific ways you can improve your SEO:

  • Content marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Link building/Content promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • On-page SEO

It’s understandable if a lot of these terms can be overwhelming. There are digital marketing companies that can help small businesses such as your make sense of it all. Exceedion is an Indianapolis SEO company that can help your business get found as experts in the changing trends and algorithms to yield the best results for your business.

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  • Social Media 101 for Indiana Small Business Owners

Social Media 101 for Small Business Owners

Social Media 101 for Small Business Owners


Social Media 101 for Small Business Owners

With over 3 billion internet users worldwide and over 2 billion of them with active social media accounts, it’s clear that having a social media presence for your business should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Marketing has changed significantly in the past decade. Companies, regardless of size, have turned to social media to gain valuable customer insight to provide their customers with rich experiences and build relationships.

Social media has also allowed businesses to find out what their competitors are doing leading them to make strategic business decisions to keep up with the competition. And perhaps most importantly, social media has enabled businesses to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and search ranking which leads to higher conversions and more sales.

Here is a guide to get you started on social media:

Choose a Platform Based on Your Target Audience

With so many social media platforms, you may think that the best strategy is to create an account across all of them. This isn’t advisable nor is it necessary. Instead, it’s better to build a strong presence on one or two. You should prioritize your efforts on channels with the largest reach exposing your business to new users.

Who is your target market? Who was your product or service designed for? For example:

Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are huge with teenagers and millennials. About 32% of Internet users use Instagram.

Facebook is still the largest social network with 79% of Internet users as members. Young adults are still the majority of users. However, older adult users are increasing in numbers with 62% of online adults ages 65 and older not use Facebook.

LinkedIn is the platform for business types and is an excellent place for B2B marketing.

Twitter is the social platform for influencers and bloggers. Roughly 24% of online adults use Twitter with a reported 29% of those users being highly educated with college degrees.

Choose a Platform Best for Your Business

If your target audience is too broad and choosing just one or two social media platforms is difficult, consider which network is best for your business and suits your personality:

Facebook and Twitter are ideal for businesses that create a lot of unique content that can be shared via a link. For example, if you have a blog on your company website, you can use Facebook or Twitter to lead your social media followers to your site using a status or Tweet that includes an external link.

Instagram is excellent for businesses who have a lot of visual content such as captivating branded photography or professional product shots. Instagram is ideal for your business if your marketing strategy involves a lot of visual storytelling.

Snapchat and YouTube are best for businesses who have access to professional-level production equipment and are highly entertaining in front of the camera. This network is ideal for businesses who really know how to put on a show.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Once you’ve chosen your social media platform, design a plan for posting content which should include the type of content and a schedule. Consistency is key when building your online presence.

Repurpose content you may already have or start creating new content. Create posts that are relevant to your business, posts that address your customer’s problems or share industry-related news that will interest your followers.

Your strategy should include constant networking. Actively follow experts, influencers, brands, and publications relevant to your industry. Retweet articles, comment on blogs, share their updates, link to their content, and like their posts. All this activity puts you on the radar of influencers, industry experts, and users as a leader who is involved in the industry.

Your social media efforts are an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Exceedion specializes in Indianapolis Social Media Marketing strategies and management to expand your reach, attract your targeted audience, and generate quality leads for your business. Our social media engagement experts can help you grow your business today.

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  • Small Business Blogging 101

Small Business Blogging 101

Small Business Blogging 101


Small Business Blogging 101

Your small business blog is a valuable marketing tool that will help you position your product and build an online audience that is engaged with your brand. It will provide your small business with a voice which will be your way to communicate and connect with readers that you hope to convert into customers.

According to The Blogconomy which was put together by Ignite Spot, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow brands on social media. And 81% of US consumers trust advice and information from blogs.

To get you started on blogging, here are the basics:

Choose a Blogging Platform

Self-hosted platforms will allow you to run a blog on your own domain. Free platforms will own your name, and you’ll be restricted to their rules and regulations. And freemium means that you’ll start paying once your trial period had ended.

WordPress is an excellent self-hosted platform for you to use as the home base for your blog. It’s customizable which will allow you to create a look that fits with your brand. And if you’re hesitant about using a platform that already has so many users and worry about making your blog stand out in its crowd of 82 million active users, WordPress has a myriad of plugins and add-ons that mean you can design and layout your blog an infinite number of ways.

Pick a Domain Name

Yes, there are plenty of free blogging platforms out there. However, your blog name will always have the free platform’s name attached to it. And your business, no matter how small, will want to be taken seriously. Having a blog on a free platform may lead your audience to believe that your content is not of value and that your products or services are subpar.

As for WordPress, choosing self-hosted WordPress.org over WordPress.com means you get a custom domain. You’ll need to buy separately but definitely worth it as having a custom domain name will make your blog sound more professional.

Ultimately, blogging is all about marketing your brand. Having a unique address for your blog that is memorable is crucial to your branding.


Whoever you choose to write your content, whether you do it yourself or hire someone, the recommendation for blog content is to follow the 80/20 rule.

Your 80% should be content focused on your customer and their challenges. The function of this content is to educate or entertain so that you can engage your audience and build a relationship. And the remaining 20% of your content should focus on your company. If your products or services need some explaining, create a blog entry to give context around your product features and benefits. Use this 20% to announce new products and promote events.

You may already have all these content ideas swirling around in your head. However, setting up a blog can be daunting for beginners who don’t know the first thing about web design or what makes a blog “SEO friendly” and attractive. You may have even paused when you read “plugins” and wondered what “add-ons” mean.

Because small business blogging has proven to be crucial to business success, opting out of it simply because you fear the process shouldn’t be an option. Exceedion can take on the task of setting up a blog for you and craft a custom WordPress website design based on your criteria. We take the time to understand your brand, your customers, your products or services and your market. Our goal is your goal, and that’s to attract, convert, close and keep your audience coming back for more.

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