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Price Over Payoff: Why Being Cheap with Your Website is a Bad Idea

Price Over Payoff: Why Being Cheap with Your Website is a Bad Idea

You designed your company logo based on an image you’d been doodling on café napkins for some time now, and you even researched the psychology of color to ensure that its visual would get stuck in people’s heads. You Googled “How to write a business plan” and watched YouTube videos on how to DIY your product packaging.

It’s admirable how far you’ve coming building your business. And for the most part, you did it all on your own.

We get it.

You probably wanted to go at it on your own because like most entrepreneurs, you feel your business is your baby. You’re not quite ready to have anyone take the reins and make decisions you’ll later reject because they didn’t fit in with your vision. But let’s be honest, you’ve probably done everything yourself up until this point because you know it’s the best way to cut costs.

And now that you’ve got this great product, memorable logo, and quirky packaging, you’re maybe thinking that you could probably tackle building your own website too.

However, if you’re thinking that building a website is simple and that you can easily do it on your own by buying a book for beginners or watching free online tutorials, you’re in for a rude awakening. There’s a reason why website design and development is considered a craft.

And while it is true that there are platforms that can give you a functioning eCommerce store despite having little to no background in building a website, it’s probably going to be the same set-up as some other brand that also chose the cheaper alternative and didn’t think that a custom website was a priority.

And when you cut on costs by using these platforms, we doubt that you’ll impress today’s discriminating market or set your brand apart from everyone else who is competing in that space.

Let’s break it down.

Opening a brick-and-mortar store could set you back about $100,000 or more when you factor in signs, paint, shelves, displays, flooring, lighting, office equipment, a POS system, and costs to lease the space. And once you’ve got this fantastic storefront, you’re thinking – how do I get the word out that we’ve got an upcoming grand opening, and how do I ensure that potential customers find us?

Do you want to rely entirely on word-of-mouth marketing and pass out flyers? Surely not.

These days, when people search for products, they’re not getting into their cars and driving around Indianapolis asking strangers if they know anyone who sells what you offer. Today’s consumers turn to the web with their inquiries.

And when they search for you, do you want the image of your storefront or whatever your Facebook business page’s profile pic is to be their first and possibly only impression of you?

When potential customers find you in a search, do you want them to be captivated by a professional grade mobile-friendly website that was custom designed for your unique target audience and marketing goals thus ensuring that they have the best online interaction with your company and products?


A beautifully designed website that was customized according to your needs and specifications will range from $5,000 for basic sites to $25,000+ for higher end designs with special functionality.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. It will be your home online after all. And when you take into consideration the way that today’s consumers behave, they’ll most likely see your website before they ever step into your storefront.

So why would you be willing to spend as much as you have on your physical location but not give it the attention it deserves through a custom website to complement it with online traffic that converts into sales and actual visits to your store?

At Exceedion, an Indianapolis web design firm that aims to help professionals with their website design and marketing needs, we’ve studied the modern consumers’ purchasing behavior closely. And with everything we know, it’s not surprising why your competitors are already prioritizing building their strong online presence which involves investing in a custom website.

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