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Increase Small Business Sales – 5 Website Tactics

5 Website Tactics to Increase Small Business Sales

Let’s explore how to increase small business sales. Where is a business without sales? New business owners often find themselves at a loss about what to do after their first big sales boom eventually dries up. There’s a common pattern attributed to sales within new businesses – they create some hype for themselves, then the novelty wears off and they have to find a way to maintain a steady stream of sales.

Every new business could use a sales boost after they find they’ve hit their first lull. We’ve had to go through this on our own as an Indianapolis web design company, so we’re here to offer new and small business owners five pieces of advice on how to keep those sales figures trending upward.

1. Focus on pushing one product

It’s common for small businesses to try and heavily push all of their products out to their consumers at once. They want a bigger return on investment, so all their inventory needs to be successful – at least, that’s how they see it.

Marketing and sales experts actually find that heavily focusing on one product (or related set of products) instead of your entire product arsenal works better for promoting higher sales figures. Why? Customers respond better to a lot of information about one product rather than minimal information about many different products.

2. Highlight value

Imagine that someone approaches you with a sales pitch. Their only information centers on what the product in question is – what question do you ask next? Wise consumers don’t ask about what a product or service is, and instead focus on what a product does.

This speaks directly to product value: “how can the product or service in question help better my life or solve a problem I have in some way?” Beat them to the punch and include this value showcase in your own marketing strategies.

3. Become a headline writing wiz

No one really reads anymore…unless they’re looking at a blog headline, that is. Truth be told, many Internet users make up their mind about whether or not to keep scrolling down a page based on the biggest, most obvious text they see.

This means store owners need to grab the attention of their audience within a handful or words. Come up with an incredible sentence that sells your product and make it 30 words or less.

4. Consider visual mediums

Internet users are also very visual — they like pictures and videos showing them what something can do instead of textual explanations. It may be a big investment in the beginning, but video content focusing on your product or service can be well worth it in the end. These mediums get consumers invested in a product or service, leading to more sales.

5. “You” – Not “I”

When talking about your product in any format, whether you’re taking our advice and writing a video script or writing copy, it’s always better to speak to the reader as a person to consider. I don’t say “I love this product,” you say “you’ll love this product.” This both personalizes the copy and helps the consumer to actually visualize themselves as the real person being spoken to. Always focus on the reader, not the seller.

These are only a handful of tips that can help your business sales skyrocket. Implement these five into your new and/or small business’ marketing strategy and tell us how they worked for you.

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