How to Increase Website Sales and Leads

10 Tips and Tricks for Boosting Website Sales and Leads

Let’s dive into how to increase website sales and leads. You’ve worked hard on your website and you’ve spent money on making it the best it can be…but what is your website doing for you? Your business site has the potential to help your sales skyrocket, but only if you know how to use your site for sales success.

Your website can be an amazing tool for generating leads, boosting sales, activating consumer action and establishing a consistent revenue stream. We’ve got 10 tips that can make this happen for you.

1. Site heat mapping

Your website is bound to have pages more often traveled as compared to others. If you want to push a new offer or call to action (CTA), look for website pages that see the most web traffic and host the information there. You can do this via online tools and services, or via Google Analytics.

2.  Google Analytics

Speaking of Google Analytics, this free and simple toolkit from the famed tech and Internet company is an entrepreneur’s best friend. There are so many analytics tools and data outputs located within Google Analytics it’d be impossible to list them all. The best way to utilize this information is to establish your most trafficked website pages and visiting stats, like your bounce rates.

3. Conversion auditing

Here’s some insider info for you: you will never stop fine-tuning and optimizing your business site. It will never be 100% perfect. For every new function it performs or product you showcase, you have to analyze how well your methods or working and if you’re truly finding success. A conversion audit can make it easier to assess how your traffic conversion efforts are going, specifically.

4. Exit popup offers

Don’t let your web traffic walk away so easy! Many website owners think that exit popup offers are an annoyance and lead to consumers leaving the site. The good news is that the potential customer is already leaving anyway, so a popup offer is like asking them if they’re sure they want to go. Including these on your site actually boosts traffic — it doesn’t repel customers like you think it does.

5. Font fixes

Aesthetics matter on your website — even when it comes to something as mundane as the fonts you’re using. Don’t over stylize your website under the guise of trying to be special and different. Keep fonts and typography simple.

6. Call tracking

Many companies actually invest in multiple phone numbers for their business for public use. Why? Call tracking. They set up different numbers on different web pages, all leading to the same automated source. However, the number dialed is recorded and from there it’s possible to see which pages with the corresponding number are more heavily traveled.

7. Explainer videos

Visual media is king these days. Don’t simply explain how your service or product works via text. Instead, invest in an explainer video that covers important business aspects, like a product walk through, or your purpose and mission statement.

8. Live chat

Live chat isn’t actually as complicated or focus-heavy as you think it is. The point isn’t to engage in long, drawn-out conversations — it’s about answering small, quick questions that can push a client through the sales funnel. It’s easy to use for both the domain owner and customers.

9. Testimonials

While testimonials may be a staple of trust signaling methods, they’re tried and true. Word of mouth is still powerful, even in the age of the Internet. Knowing a peer is interested in and approves of a product means someone is that much more likely to become curious themselves.

10. Landing page tests

Finally, the best way to increase website functionality is to run your landing page through split tests. Sometimes a tiny change can lead to big results, like changing the color of a button or rearranging the page layout. This is easy to do if you utilize a service like unbounce.

These are only a handful of tips for boosting leads, sales and revenue with your website. Contact us to learn more.

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