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Generate More Small Business Website Leads with these 5 Tactics

Generate More Small Business Website Leads with these 5 Tactics

Clients often ask how they can generate more small business website leads. A good business sales funnel focuses heavily on leads, or essentially “getting the fish to bite.” A lead is the worm at the end of your hook and it’s used to reel in customers in order to complete the sales process. To continue the metaphor, generating a lot of leads is the equivalent of having 50 fishing lines in one pond and the fish are biting at them like crazy. In short, the more leads, the more fish you end up with at the end of the day.

Your business site will be your main lead generation, but how do you actually go about generating more leads on your website? We’ve compiled five simple tips for using your website to create more sales leads than you ever thought possible.

1. Create a mobile friendly atmosphere

More Internet searches are being performed via mobile devices now as compared to desktop computers. This means a majority of your consumer audience is likely to visit your business site from their phone. Once they do, will they be greeted with a responsive design layout that conforms to their phone or tablet, or will they be treated to a jumbled mess of botched coding?

Mobile-friendliness is paramount in the modern age of marketing. If your consumers can’t visit your website to generate leads, the outcome is easy to envision: you simply won’t get any.

2. Build up your blog

How do you get leads? Visibility. How do you gain visibility? Blogging. A business blog offers a business a lot of benefits. Our blog helps to educate clients and helps us build up our credibility as an Indianapolis web design company. Your own business blog can do the same for you.

Blogs offer something valuable to their audience, and this value translates into consumer loyalty. A consumer who values your business is one that you can get to bite that hook.

3. Offer incentives

You know that old phrase “you have to spend money to make money?” It can definitely ring true, especially when you’re talking about leads. Offering promotional goods and giveaways via your website incentivizes consumers to visit your site and provide you with information, like an email address that you take from them as the price of entering a drawing. This gives you the opportunity to continue marketing to them and gets them in line to generate more leads for your business.

4. Calls To Action

Sometimes marketing isn’t subliminal – it’s directly put in front of your consumer as a question or request via your website. These are called CTAs, or “calls to action,” and they directly call upon an audience member to perform said action for their own benefit and yours. A CTA can include phrasing like “subscribe to our email list” or clicking a button to take them to an offsite promotional. Calls to action incentivize a consumer to move from thinking about something to actually doing it.

5. Create an amazing landing page

The first page of your website will likely be the road most traveled. Thus, it makes sense to put a majority of your sales funnel steps right out in the open where everyone can see them. Your landing page should be where the lead generation magic happens because that’s where most of your audience will look first. A well laid out landing page with CTAs, fun graphics and value means generating a lot of leads.

Now it’s your turn to go forth and boost your sales figures. Just remember this: it’s one thing to generate leads, but do you know how to reel those fish in?

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