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Creating Landing Pages that Convert

Creating Landing Pages that Convert

A landing page has only one purpose – to persuade people to take action. It’s the perfect tool for conversion, but, your presentation needs to be spot on to work. Here’s how to start creating landing pages that convert.

1. Choose a Specific Goal (and Stick with It)

A landing page should have only a single goal. It ensures a visitor who lands on the page takes action that you want them to make, instead of getting them distracted by multiple choices. Determine what do you want to achieve, before you set off to create the landing page.

If you want to generate more leads, include an opt-in form. And if you’re going to convert leads into customers, tell them how to buy it. Remember, choose only one action and stick with it.

2. Emphasize Your Main Offer

When a visitor arrives at your landing page, you want to make the main offer clear to them. It’s the most important message, and that means it should be visible and at the top of the page. Use the rest of the landing page to provide information that will support it, and persuade visitors to take action.

After all, you only have set up call to action buttons. The button should be visually distinct from everything else, so a short action verb in bright color and bold text usually does the trick.

Repeat the process. Put it at the beginning of the page, after benefits or prices, and near the footer. A general rule is, a visitor should never be one scroll away from a CTA.

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