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8 Essential Tips for Local SEO

8 Essential Tips for Local SEO Global SEO is vital to any business out there– businesses that operate on a national, multi-national, and global level as well as local companies with one or more physical stores. However, we cannot ignore the importance of local SEO, as the local SEO statistics tell us that 46% of Google searches are local, while 88% of those who did a local search on their phone visited a store within 24 hours. Are you ranking highly in your area? If not, then you should know that your [...]

Guide to Developing a Video Marketing Strategy on a Budget

Guide to Developing a Video Marketing Strategy on a Budget Video content still rules the statistics as one of the best performing content formats. All social media platforms are leaning towards video. Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Snapchat - these are all platforms driven by video materials. Even Twitter has seen an increase in video consumption. The latest statistic shows than now 82% of users consume video on Twitter. The reason behind high video viewership is simple – videos are more engaging. A brand that uses videos in their marketing strategy ensures that [...]

What Is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It

What Is Responsive Web Design and Why You Need It First off, we will start with a simple answer – a responsive web design is one that will display a website on a range of devices and will adapt the content to each device. A mobile-friendly website can be opened on your smartphone or a tablet, but it will be displayed like the computer website, the only difference is that you will have to pinch and zoom to move around. That is frustrating. And when website visitors are frustrated, they quickly hit [...]

Why SEO Will Never Die

Why SEO Will Never Die Year over year, there are exciting titles that claim or predict the fall of SEO. The truth is simple – it can never die because people need SEO. Businesses need SEO. And search engines need it the most. Before we get into it, let’s first demystify the term and explain what SEO is. There are many people out there who still think that SEO is some internet magic and a way to game the system to get better rankings. Well, they are wrong. What is SEO? Search [...]

5 Top Tips & Tricks for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement

5 Top Tips & Tricks for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement Social media is a very useful tool for communicating with your audience, sharing updates and increasing brand awareness. Lately, it’s also been a great customer support channel where people turn to social media to find out more about a brand. Google even showcases recommendations and ratings taken from social media, so proper management is also valuable for SEO. Churning money on paid ads that might be considered successful if we take into account video views, impressions and leads still doesn’t mean [...]

Benefits of Using Video Online

Benefits of Using Video Online Video has established itself as one of the most engaging forms of content on the Internet. 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool in 2018 (up 18% from 2017.) It is mainly the result of a variety of applications and consumer engagement, which is motivating organizations to get in on the action rapidly to utilize the benefits of online videos to their advantage. 1. The Use of Video in Marketing Is Rising Out of the 81% mentioned businesses using online videos in marketing, 99% [...]

What’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media for Your Business?

What’s the Best Time to Post on Social Media for Your Business? Social media has taken over our everyday lives. And when it comes to marketing your brand, products or services, it’s an opportunity your business can’t afford to do without. You are probably already investing in social media, like the other 40+ million businesses on Facebook or the 25+ million on Instagram. But how can your brand stand out from all the competition? One way is to use digital best practices on social media. And an ideal place to start is [...]

Creating Landing Pages that Convert

Creating Landing Pages that Convert A landing page has only one purpose – to persuade people to take action. It’s the perfect tool for conversion, but, your presentation needs to be spot on to work. Here’s how to start creating landing pages that convert. 1. Choose a Specific Goal (and Stick with It) A landing page should have only a single goal. It ensures a visitor who lands on the page takes action that you want them to make, instead of getting them distracted by multiple choices. Determine what do you want [...]

Finding the Right Keywords to Track

Finding the Right Keywords to Track Right now, Google displays over 69,000 search results – in 1 second. By the time you finish reading this article, the number will grow to over 12 million individual search queries. And SEO can help you tap into that market. That’s right, SEO gets your business found. It helps you rank closer to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), so you can increase traffic and the number of leads that land on your site. To that end, you will need to create a [...]

Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook Advertising 101 Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. In 2017, the platform boasted that over 1 billion active users logged on to Facebook every day (250,000 more than YouTube in second place.) It’s no wonder then the marketing community views it as a great business opportunity, and why 9 out of 10 companies market their products and services on Facebook. And if you want to take advantage of that same potential, here’s how to get started with Facebook advertising. 1. Define Your Target Audience Any marketing campaign [...]

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Jennifer Elkin – Senior Vice President, Marketing, Indiana Chamber of Commerce
Working with Exceedion was great! Bradley always took the time to patiently and thoroughly explain the aspects of our project. He definitely cared about understanding what we were aiming for and we’re very pleased with our new website!
Tim Wellman – Marketing & Social Media Administrator, Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium
Exceedion built a wonderful website for our local nonprofit. Bradley was wonderful to work with at every turn, and we are thrilled with the final product. We would highly recommend Exceedion for your next website. They are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to meet project deadlines and execute according to the client’s vision.
Rob Peoni – Communications & Marketing Manager, Second Helpings
We recommend Exceedion with the highest level of confidence. Bradley and his team are friendly, creative, talented, and effective. Most importantly they have been successful taking our digital marketing to a new level while sticking to their original timeline and budget. They have done everything they promised and more.
Brad Ferrell – EVP & Marketing Director, Hull & Knarr, LLP
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