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Advantages of Converting to a WordPress Website

Advantages of Converting to a WordPress Website

Established initially as a blog service, WordPress has evolved so much in the past couple of years it has become a platform of its own. With constant updates and a thriving community, it can easily match other complex platforms but still retains its user-friendliness and versatility. And if that alone isn’t enough to motivate you, here are a couple of other reasons why you should consider converting to a WordPress website.

1. Easy to learn

Written in PHP as a blog-support service, WordPress focuses on flexible and straightforward solutions which anyone can quickly learn. Its simple syntax, supportive community and a well-designed layout make it a genuinely user-friendly platform which makes website management fun and exciting.

2. No extra software required

Due to its simplistic nature and integration with web browsers, WordPress can run from any computer. Meaning that the webmaster no longer needs to carry or install their tools to do their job.

Furthermore, WordPress does not require setting up HTML or FTP software, which makes it a platform that can be maintained and upgraded from anywhere, anytime.

3. WordPress boosts page ranking and SEO scores

If we take into account that most search engines function by scanning website source codes, it’s easy to see why they prefer those written in WordPress. With its simple and elegant code, WordPress allows search engines to access its content quick and easy.

Furthermore, WordPress encourages the use of keywords, titles, and description, which dramatically improves the website’s page rank and visibility.

4. You can build it just the way you want it

Created and run by a community of skilled enthusiasts, WordPress encourages customizing websites and web pages and gives its users all the necessary tools to do so. Everything on the site, from backend algorithms to button aesthetics can be customized and tailored to your needs.

And if you’re not into step-by-step customization, you can always go online and choose one of the hundreds pre-made themes and templates.

5. It’s perfect for blogging, and thus ideal for marketing

Conceived as a platform for bloggers and writers, WordPress excels in areas that work around texts and articles. Setting up RSS / email subscription, enabling commenting, and automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site are standard features that can be carried out with minimal effort.

To make it even better, as a blogging platform, it’s perfect for companies, businesses and even individuals seeking to promote their products or services by content marketing. So by converting to a WordPress website, not only will you make your life easier, you’ll also attract more clients.

6. It’s constantly evolving

As an open-source project, everything in WordPress is mainly free and subjected to weekly updates, fixes, and improvements. The whole platform is designed to encourage growth and innovations. Thus, it also motivates users to improve their web design continually and allows them to implement new features as their business expands and becomes more complicated.

With a thriving community and endless possibilities, WordPress is here to stay and is only beginning to show its full potential. Whether you’re a blogger, a company representative, a digital marketing agent or a web developer, and you want a simple yet versatile and accessible platform, WordPress should be your first pick.

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