7 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for Business Websites

7 Big Reasons Your Corporate, Not-for-Profit, or Business Website Belongs on WordPress

Your business doesn’t need to pay enterprise level pricing for your website to have many of the bells and whistles the big guys do. Exceedion starts by working closely with small business owners to custom design an incredible responsive website loaded with the functionality needed to meet your businesses objectives. We highly recommend WordPress as our website platform of choice for small business sites.

Why? WordPress is very user-friendly and quite easy to maintain in-house, with a little training, while still delivering a professional, fully-functioning website. Don’t believe us? We’ve listed out seven reasons why your small business website should be built on this content management system (CMS) powerhouse.

1. WordPress is blog friendly

Business blogs are all the rage, and for good reason. Hosting a relevant blog on your business website can lead to boosted traffic, added credibility, evidence of thought leadership and site visibility — and this is only naming a few perks! Because WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform, it makes sense that they would allow you to easily host a blog for your business on your website.

2. SEO power

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essentially how a search engine ranks you within their results listings based on keyword searches. Hosting your website on your own sometimes means you have to master this marketing art on your own. WordPress, however, is host to many amazing SEO plugins, like the free Yoast plugin that is a true SEO wizard.

3. Open source benefits

WordPress is fueled by being an “open source” website. This means that developers outside the realm of the CMS are constantly adding new plugins, themes, updates, and related software to the platform. You aren’t limited by what WordPress alone has to offer you, but instead by the creativity its users and developers have. Don’t worry – it seems to be endless.

4. Security updates

Sites like WordPress that rely on open sourcing are constantly criticized for their security flaws. Because everyone can be a WordPress developer, security flaws are inconsistent and present within some apps and plugins. WordPress itself, however, is always striving to perfect these flaws and utilizes automatic update checks to make sure all site users know security updates have been issued.

5. Easy to use CMS

Exceedion can help you develop an amazing WordPress design, and we’re here to help you after your site has been set up, but that’s not to say you’ll need to contact us any time a change needs to be made. With our WordPress client training, most standard updates can be easily completed in-house with the easy to use CMS. Have no fear – we’re available to jump in and help with updates or functionality enhancements as needed.

6. Established clients

Think you’re too good for a CMS site like WordPress? Incredible, established businesses like Mashable and the New York Times aren’t. They run sites via WordPress, so why shouldn’t you?

7. History and credibility

WordPress wouldn’t still be in the game if they weren’t doing something right. WordPress is over a decade old and still has a vastly expanding user base; something rare in the world of CMS. This means they’re both committed to keeping the platform going and have the experience to tackle problems as they come up.

WordPress isn’t just your run-of-the-mill blogging framework – it’s a powerful website platform that you should be taking advantage of ASAP.

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