6 Awesome WordPress Plugins You’ll Want to Use

6 Awesome WordPress Plugins You’ll Want to Use

Here are 6 awesome WordPress plugins we think you’ll love. Something WordPress has that other sites don’t is plugins. These handy  tools can be installed into a WordPress website, either for free or at a minimal cost, in order to add an additional functionality. From marketing needs to things that make a business owner’s life easier, WordPress plugins can be real lifesavers.

At Exceedion, we’ve selected six different WordPress plugins that we feel can benefit your site. Do you have these six plugins installed already?


WordPress’ social media plugin has everything business owners and marketers need to share their site content on social media. Social sharing is very important in digital marketing, so making this option easy and available for site browsers is vital for business visibility. Jetpack includes a wide array of features, making it the biggest and best social media plugin available for the site.

Gravity Forms

Want a simple way for site visitors to get in touch with you without giving out personal info? Gravity Forms is a contact form plugin that easily creates a contact form for your website. It doesn’t stop there, though. Gravity Forms can handle a simple contact form or even more complicated forms — if it requires a “submit” button, Gravity Forms can probably do it for you.

WordPress SEO

This Yoast plugin is a must for any WordPress owner who wants their site to rank well on Google. It’s likely that you already have this plugin installed, but if you don’t (or if you have a lesser SEO plugin installed instead) then it’s one to install right now. Any business owner with this plugin will find their organic search traffic go through the roof.

Foo Gallery

Visual businesses should have easy options available for galleries. If you own a business or manage a website that requires sharing lots of images, consider the WordPress plugin Foo Gallery. Despite the desperate need for more gallery plugins on WordPress, Foo Gallery is one of the few that exist — thank goodness it’s a great one.

Restrict Content

Sometimes there’s nothing like exclusivity to bring the visitors rolling in, looking to peek behind the membership curtain. You can make this happen for a WordPress business via Restrict Content, a plugin that creates “member’s only” content that site administrators can use to restrict certain parts of their website without permission.

Google Places Reviews

As an Indianapolis web design company, Exceedion knows what it’s like to try and market to local audiences. Business owners that have this same need can benefit from Google Places Reviews, a WordPress plugin that allows visitors to see your local reviews, thus encouraging them to leave one of their own.

There are many other time and cost saving plugins that could be a great addition to your website. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can make your business more efficient and profitable.

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