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5 Amazing Tips that Will Boost Your Website SEO and Conversions

5 Amazing Tips that Will Boost Your Website SEO and Conversions

1. Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website automatically adapts to any screen size. Responsive websites allow users to easily read and navigate your website on any device providing a better user experience. Last year Google started using mobile responsiveness as a ranking signal in search. Google is rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized as noted by Google recognizes responsive design as an industry best practice as pointed out by Search Engine Watch. What’s more, responsive websites utilize one set of files opposed to having multiple sites and content, making a mobile responsive site easier to maintain. Exceedion, an Indianapolis Mobile Responsive Design firm, notes that many companies websites are still not mobile-friendly. You can use this mobile-friendly test provided by Google to see if your website is mobile responsive. What should you do? Contact a trusted responsive web design company to plan, design and develop a responsive website to grow your business. Read more about our responsive web design services here.

2. Clear Calls-To-Action

A call-to-action is a visual cue for a visitor to take action on your website, newsletter or social media. You’ll want to create a strategy to produce quality content that aligns with your user personas and moves them through your buyers journey, from visitor to customer. This process is called conversion rate optimization or CRO. Your CTAs should be prominent and stand out above the rest of the page, guiding the user without making them think. It must also grab their attention and make them want to click. A simple CTA formula you can use is Action Verb + Benefit. Take a look at HubSpot’s “30 Call-to-Action Examples You Can’t Help But Click” for some inspiration. What should you do? Create visually appealing CTAs along with an attention grabbing benefits to convert website visitors into leads that can be nurtured into customers.

3. Great Blog Content

Creating relevant, valuable and consistent content on your blog that aligns with your user personas and buyers journey is essential. Why? Quality blog content attracts and retains a clearly defined targeted audience and ultimately drives profitable user interactions. Quality content is also more likely to get shared via social media, further amplifying your efforts and reach. Google also loves quality content. In 2015 Google released what has been dubbed its “quality update” as noted by The “quality update” rewards websites that are producing relevant, consistent, quality content in their search results. What should you do? Create a content marketing strategy to attract your targeted audience, bolster your SEO strategy with keyword rich content while increasing your search position. Read more about our content marketing services here.

4. Email Newsletter Sign Up Form

Email newsletters are an affordable way to stay in front of your leads or customers by delivering content where they spend time. Creating an email signup form on your website is a great way to grow your subscriber list. For your signup form to be successful you need to tell the user what they will get, keep the form simple and create consistent content they want to read once they’ve subscribed. There are many newsletter signup form plugins for WordPress that seamlessly integrate with top providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact. TIP: According to HubSpot “Enter to Win” yields a 15% conversion rate as compared to 1% conversions for simple “Sign Up” forms. What should you do? Create an email marketing strategy that consistently provides valuable content and implement a website signup form to capture new leads that can be nurtured into customers.

5. SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. What the heck does that mean you’re asking. In simple terms, it means data is encrypted between a web server and a browser. In the past SSL has mostly been used for banking and e-commerce sites where sensitive data is shared. Google announced in 2014 that it is now using SSL as a ranking signal for search results. For now it’s a lightweight signal but that’s predicted to grow over time. I think we can all agree a more secure user experience is a better user experience. Google agrees too and is rewarding secure sites. How can you tell if your website is using SSL? Standard websites will show HTTP:// before the web address or URL. A secure website will show HTTPS:// and usually a lock icon in the browsers address bar. What should you do? Contact a trusted web design, WordPress and digital marketing company, such as Indianapolis based They can assist with the purchase and implementation of SSL for your website.

In summary, these 5 Amazing Tips for Website SEO and Conversions, will not only create a better user experience for your customers and potential customers but will boost your SEO position and increase conversions.

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