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4 Tips for an Effective Website Redesign

4 Tips for an Effective Website Redesign

Successful businesses redesign their websites more than once every two years. Although it might sound excessive at first, the frequency makes perfect sense.

Think about how much businesses change in two years. In fact, think about how much the world we live in changes in two years.

A couple of years ago, around 10 percent of all internet traffic was mobile. Today, however, not only has that number jumped to a total of 25 percent of all web traffic, but Google is also making changes in rankings, and prioritizing mobile-optimized websites. Website visitors have changed, too. The average website visitor today expects an entirely different experience than those of the past.

When redesigning your site, it’s crucial to make it a fully functional, active revenue-driving channel, not just another cute homepage.

Do your Research

First and foremost, you should map out what you want to change about your website and why. The redesign shouldn’t be sparked by only wanting your site to look more modern. It should not only look better after the process, but it should also function better and bring better results.

Check your analytics and take note of the critical website metrics such as your starting position for search rank, visits, conversion rates, etc. Define which improvements you want to prioritize. Clear growth goals will give you an objective framework for the redesign.

Make it Personal

One of the most sweeping changes in online consumer behavior over the last couple of years is the ever growing expectation of a completely personalized experience. According to a Janrain study, 74 percent of internet users get frustrated when a website shows content that’s not relevant to them. Adaptive sites such as Amazon and Netflix have caused visitors to seek out content tailored to their specific needs and interests. If they don’t see what they came for, they will leave your website before you know it.

You can address weak conversion rates by incorporating digital marketing solutions proven to grow businesses. You cannot make a website personal without SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

Be Responsive

Internet users are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to surf the web, and businesses that don’t optimize their websites for various mobile devices are losing out big time. According to a Google study, mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers. As much as 79 percent of users who don’t find your website to be mobile user-friendly will look elsewhere. Using a responsive design is a necessity.

Functionality is a Must

Visitors go to your website for a purpose. Your job is making it seamless for them to achieve that purpose. The most crucial step in this is loading time, and while it might not sound as exciting as a remarkable visual design, it’s still a tremendous factor for your visitors. Conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% for each additional second of load time.

The visual design choices are also fundamental when redesigning your website. The visual experience of any site is crucial. However, in addition to making your website prettier, make sure it also incorporates functional improvements.

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