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Google states that mobile responsive websites is its recommended configuration, and even goes so far as to refer to mobile responsive websites as the industry standard and a best practice.

Responsive Website Design Indianapolis – Exceedion, specialize in designing custom professional grade mobile-friendly responsive WordPress websites to attract visitors and generate leads.

What is a responsive website design and why is it critical for your business?

One website, many devices. Exceedion delivers custom responsive WordPress websites that are viewable and optimized for many devices and screen sizes. A desktop version of your site on a mobile devise is hard to read and navigate causing users to pinch and zoom. Users often get frustrated and abandon the website. With our responsive website design solution, your website adapts to the device and screen size and is easy to read and navigate, immediately providing a better user experience.

Google recommends responsive web design as it preferred website configuration. With Google’s 68% search market share it’s important to listen to their recommendations. Also, in April 2015, Google’s started using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and rewarding websites that are fully mobile optimized in their search results as noted by . Further, a single set of content makes managing your website easier, reducing errors, decreasing redirect load times and making single site SEO campaigns less complex.

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