Brite Media Group Website Redesign

San Fransisco Based Brite Media Group Launches New Website

Exceedion is excited to announce the completion and launch of the Brite Media Group website redesign. Brite Media Group contacted Exceedion in search of a Web Development company to redesign their website. The goal of this engagement was to bring Brite’s website and social media up to modern standards and utilize best practices allowing their products to shine through. In addition, improvements in SEO and paid search was used to increase search visibility driving more traffic to the improved web presence.

Exceedion’s approach was to implement the audit recommendations into the website redesign. We believe this was the most cost and time efficient way to proceed. The short-term goal was to focus on the website redesign. Followed by investing in driving traffic to the improved web presence via paid search fine tuning and social media campaigns.

All pages on the new website include mobile-responsive design, SEO best practices and on-page SEO, logo and navigation, phone number and email address area, newsletter signup from, social media icons and links to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a footer area with contact information. On top of that, the home page incorporates a large home page image slider with key marketing messaging and primary calls-to-action, an Our Marketing Solutions section, featured Campaigns section w/ lead generating landing pages, scrolling client logos, and rotating testimonials.

Exceedion’s integrated digital marketing solution included setting up and customizing social media accounts for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Through research and online data sources Exceedion created a custom social media posting schedule for maximum engagement. Finally, Exceedion delivered a custom tailored social media playbook with detailed information from scheduling to content ideas to social media best practices.

Click here to view the new website and learn more about Brite Media Group.

This Project Included:

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