Indianapolis Website Redesign

Exceedion is excited to announce the completion of the Safestop website redesign. Safestop, Inc. contracted Exceedion, an Indianapolis web design, WordPress and digital marketing firm, to redesign their existing website. A major focus was to redesign the website on the WordPress framework providing a consistent platform across the companies multiple websites. This allowed the company to consolidate hosting accounts and provides a cohesive CMS across all their websites. Another top priority was to redesign the website with a modern design look and feel while implementing best practices such as mobile-responsive, lead generation and SEO. The new website features an emotion grabbing large home page image and call to action, easily accessible information and a request a quote form for lead generation.

Police vehicles are stolen more often than you might realize. On a regular basis, officers leave their vehicles running unattended while chasing down suspects or keeping equipment like lighting, communications, and temperature controls operating while they turn their attention to the scene.

The Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft system gives officers the peace of mind they need to leave their vehicle running unattended, without the possibility of theft, simply by removing the ignition key. Learn more about Safestop, Inc. and the Safestop Vehicle Anti-theft System here.

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