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Anyone can create an app, but it takes persistence and creativity to impact the world. A few brands have created killer mobile marketing strategies, impacting the market with high-tier strategies. Location-based services, opt-in campaigns, webmail offers, social media exclusives and other great options await—and the industry gurus are already crafting winning strategies.

Mobile devices are great additions to any integrated marketing campaign. When done correctly, they carry awesome utility. At the moment, 64 percent of American adults own and use a mobile device. Of these users, 67 percent find themselves checking their smartphone for alerts, messages and calls repeatedly—regardless of a ring or vibrate. Check out how these five big brands have adopted mobile marketing, and how they’re succeeding with awesome strategies.

Strategy One: Chapstick’s Social Media Access

Chapstick has recently created a mobile marketing campaign contingent upon Pandora. An industry leader, Pandora’s music application frequently provides fertile ground for company-sponsored mobile banner ads. Chapstick has linked its Facebook presence through these banner ads, encouraging users to share their media, posts and shared material.

While the strategy certainly promotes Chapstick alongside Pandora, it also furthers its relationship with social media consumers. Chapstick’s mobile campaign excels in cross-platform accessibility, keeping fans notified about company news, products and updates.

Strategy Two: HBO’s True Blood Promotion

True Blood is one of HBO’s premier television series, increasing viewership at an alarming rate. While modern moviegoers frequently use Variety and Flixxter applications to fulfill their media needs, HBO has become a cornerstone for everything related to True Blood. The brand has incorporated a freaky mobile marketing campaign, attacking bloody fingerprints to its Flixxter and Variety applications.

These applications, directing consumers with True Blood trailers, directed users to HBO’s website, further promoting the show. Viewership increased by 38 percent, marking a success for the media titan.

Strategy Three: CVS Pharmacy’s App

CVS Pharmacy consumers have been gifted with an in-store application, one capable of offering in-depth information within an intuitive design. The app, itself, is far from cluttered, however. It’s “Shop” section carries a detailed product library, and the marketing app has displayed incredible success with its fantastic deals.

Fully integrated with CVS Pharmacy’s MinuteClinic, the app also grants users the ability to search nearby clinics, fulfill prescriptions and search medicine databases. CVS Pharmacy has effectively reduced the typical stresses associated with health care information management, streamlining the consumer process with a powerful, handheld service.

Strategy Four: Safeway’s Constantly Updated App

Safeway’s powerhouse supermarket chain has incorporated mobile marketing strategies, redefining its typical business elements. Now, shoppers can create a Safeway shopping list via mobile access. Rather than use a pen and paper, customers are urged to record their needed products in the application—which then directs them down their local store’s aisles. The personalized app has seen astounding success, earning placement in big-name app stores while benefiting modern consumers.

Strategy Five: Starbucks’s Loyalty App

Many Starbucks consumers are familiar with the brand’s dedication to personalized drinks and treats. Now, Starbucks fanatics can access the store’s mobile app, using it as a loyalty card. Health-minded and sweet-toothed shoppers alike can now access Starbucks merchandise in a fun, accessible way. Capable of featuring the entity’s entire in-store selection, the Starbucks mobile app captures a personalized feel while offering nutritional information, food preferences and local store indicators.

Merchandise access is a constant factor. Fortunately, mobile devices have made information easy to retrieve. Creativity, alone, can garner great results. The world’s best mobile app strategies, however, result from effort and persistence. Smartphone loyalty cards, store aisle locaters and show promotions alike share a similar need of exposure. If you’re gearing up a mobile marketing campaign—make sure it has outreach.

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