Exceedion completes the development of a cutting-edge dynamic podcast and CMS solution for an international client fighting hospital-borne infection. Exceedion (specializing in website development) partnered with Hetrick Communications (an Indianapolis based PR firm – overseeing the project and management) to provide the innovative solution.

The project is comprised of three cutting-edge modules; podcast (iPod broadcast), vodcast (video broadcast) and hot topic (newsletter format text). Each module includes several key components; a high-end listing of current and past content, a web-based administration tool, RSS feeds, e-mail alerts, SMS text message notifications, ability to post comments and more. The podcast module offers audio content in several formats including an embedded QuickTime player. The vodcast module delivers content via Flash video in a customized embedded Flash player. Both podcast and vodcast can easily be subscribed to via their RSS feeds or played in iTunes. End users can subscribe to receive updates and be notified in real time via RSS feeds, SMS text messages or e-mail alerts when new content is published.

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