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Traditional or outbound marketing focused on pushing messaging out — like ad buying, direct mail and buying email lists — and hoping for a return. Partnering with Exceedion, you’ll find our inbound marketing methodology is focused on aligning your content strategy with your customer’s interests to earn more qualified prospects and convert them into customers and brand loyalists.

How Inbound Marketing Works

Our inbound marketing services bolster your brand’s online presence by attracting targeted customers with informative, helpful and educational information tailored to their specific challenges. This is done through blogging, SEO, page optimization and social media strategies.

Once you’re attracting qualified visitors to your website, our HubSpot Inbound Certified marketing specialists will craft a strategy to convert them to leads by capturing their contact information using forms, calls to actions and landing pages with our inbound marketing services. In exchange for their contact information, following our content strategy, you’ll deliver personalized highly valuable content like downloads, e-books, webinars and checklists.

Using our awareness and conversion strategies you will attract more educated and qualified traffic and converting them to leads. We’ll craft a personalized contextual lead nurturing strategy using CRM and email marketing automation to score and close your leads into customers.

Our strategies continue to engage your customers and create referral business by delighting your customers with inside information, exclusive offers and remarkable content. Our automated email marketing, surveys and social monitoring tools help your customers maintain a positive experience and turn them into brand loyalists that want to share their experience. Check out HubSpot for more in-depth information on the ins and outs of inbound marketing.

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