Custom Portal Development for Bryant Heating and Cooling

Exceedion was contracted to develop an enhanced dealer bio portal for Bryant Heating and Cooling. The portal gives Bryant Heating and Cooling dealers the ability to login and add enhanced information and images to their existing bio. The project consisted of developing a complex administration portal allowing both dealers and administrators access.
Dealers have the ability to login via a seamless sign on process and navigate through the intuitive tabbed interface to complete their profile. The preformatted customizable content selections and easy to use image upload feature provide an easy user experience while keeping the content consistent. Lastly the dealer has the ability to preview, edit and submit their enhanced bio for approval.

Administrators also login through a seamless sign on process where there is a complex process of associating them with the dealers they manage. Administrators receive important notifications once logged in. They also have the ability to review, approve or deny associated enhanced  dealer bios. The approval and denial process is made seamless with preformatted options and email notifications.

The enhanced dealer bio portal provides the functionality to populate the enhanced information for dealers on the Bryant Heating and Cooling website. This functionality ultimately provides more information for consumers to help find the right dealer for them.

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