HE Homes Website Redesign

Check Out the New H·E Homes Website Redesign

Exceedion is delighted to announce the completion and launch of the new H·E Homes website redesign. H·E Homes builds beautiful custom homes in downtown Indianapolis. The company is centered in an enjoyable building process rooted in quality at every stage. H·E Homes is well branded and was seeking a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced marketing partner to guide the experience when they discovered Exceedion.

H·E Homes was looking to take their website to the next level by sharing the story that differentiates them. The goal for the website redesign was to present their story in a logical, informative, and friendly buyer centered flow. The flow of the website guides the user to explore more and only “sell” at the appropriate time with strategically placed call to action buttons.

The new website continues to showcase the beautiful images while implementing modern and innovative web design, development, and SEO best practices. All pages include mobile-responsive design, SEO best practices, logo and main navigation, social media icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, top bar linking to Careers, Trade Partners, Land to Sell, and a footer area with company overview, navigation, contact info, and logo. Along with that, the home page includes a beautiful full screen video and primary call-to-actions, highlights text and photos, an our process / our story section, a video about H·E Homes, and affiliation logos at the bottom.

To learn more about H·E Homes and view the new website click here.

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