Digital Marketing Audit, Allied Automation, Inc.

With the relatively high cost of the HubSpot Marketing Platform and marketing costs associated with creating content offers and managing campaigns, Allied Automation wanted to assure they were getting their maximum return on investment. Allied Automation reached out to Exceedion, an Indianapolis based digital marketing firm, to perform a digital marketing audit to uncover actionable areas for improvement.


In 2015 Allied Automation adopted the inbound marketing methodology and began working with an agency to develop and implement their strategy. The focus was to gain visibility with their target market and get their name in front of decision makers and those with buying power. Another focus was to utilize HubSpot to track progress, success and leads more timely and efficiently. Further, Allied Automation, utilized their marketing partner to create content offers, implement list segmentation and create workflows within HubSpot to attract and nurture qualified leads into customers. After analyzing a year’s worth of data and metrics, Allied Automation wasn’t seeing the ROI they’d anticipated.

The Solution

Exceedion’s 30 page digital marketing audit outlined news goals, objectives, strategies and tactics with prioritized actionable recommendations to fully utilize HubSpot and get the maximum ROI from all marketing efforts.

The big picture analysis included the development and definition of new strategies, objectives and tactics to achieve the overall goals as well as a SWAT analysis of current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The website audit included detailed recommendations for improved usability, best practices, identification of conversion opportunities and elimination of errors. Exceedion also provided detailed recommendations for CTAs, social media and website usability.

Exceedion’s search engine optimization audit included a deep dive into SEO technical issues and recommendations, best practices recommendations, on-page SEO analysis and recommendations as well as Google Analytics analysis and recommendations.

The content marketing audit provided valuable insights and recommendations into current blog, website and social media content and how it should align with buyer’s personas and incorporate keywords for SEO.

Exceedion’s social media marketing audit included social media inventory and growth data and analysis, social media engagement analysis and recommendations and influencer marketing recommendations to grow followers, expand reach and increase engagement.

The inbound marketing audit focused on recommendation to provide contextual content, segmented lists and workflows to personalize and automate the inbound campaigns for maximum ROI. Exceedion provided detailed recommendations for incorporating buyer’s personas and keywords, creating campaigns, optimizing forms and utilizing thank you pages, applying life cycle stages to contacts, segmenting lists and deep recommendation for email and workflow improvements.

Lastly, Exceedion laid out the roles and responsibilities for management, sales, internal marketing, and the marketing partner to implement the recommendations. Exceedion provided prioritized recommended tasks to take full advantage of the HubSpot marketing platform and align all marketing efforts to achieve their maximum ROI.

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